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. >> schieffer: do you think this puts the people of new york at risk? >> i think america is at risk continually from the threat from radical jihadists. we saw it in fort hood ten days ago. to say that new york is on list. i think new york has been on the list ever since 2001. we know we were attacked in 1993. we know that we were attacked in 2001. i think that al qaeda and radical jihadists, if they could attack us again in new york, they would. >> schieffer: they talk now in their reports that the administration is now examining various federal prison sites in this country. illinois. illinois is one of them. they were talking a while ago about perhaps putting them in prisons in michigan, your home state. how do you feel about that? >> well, the president has never answered the question why. i'm all about problem-solving. what problem is the president going to solve by moving these trials to new york or by moving get mow prisoners to michigans to illinois, to colorado? he hasn't outlined what problem he's solving. i don't see the problem of moving them from gitmo. it's been a great place. we've
on the importance of philanthropy. later, america's future and the place in the world. at 8:00, the first of three nights of the c-span's original documentaries on the iconic homes of the three branches of the government, starting with the supreme court. >> tomorrow, dawn kpeck ofi an update on the commercial and real-estate markets. then, author of the walmart effect with charles fishman. after that,sidney hart. "washington journal", live on friday, 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. friday, parliament opens its chambers as the youth parliament debates in the house of commons. also, jayson blair on why he fabricated and plagiarized news stories. also, have world the threat's been over height? sunday, two programs on democracy and the internet, including the university of virginia panel. facebook founder chris hughes on how social networking is changing the political process. this holiday weekend on c-span. >> thanksgiving weekend on c- span, american icons, three nights of original documentaries on the icon mccombs of the three branches of the american government, beginning tonight at 8:00 p.m. ea
the lives of livelihoods of every person in america. for many that means higher taxes and for even more, it will mean an unprecedented intrusion of federal government bureaucrat into the way we receive health care. this is a fundamental erosion of our freedom. the great freedom fighter abraham lincoln gave a speech in springfield, illinois, in 19 -- in 1838 where he touched on the idea of the loss of freedom. he was very explicit. he explained that our country could one day suffer a los of freedom, not by an outside attack, but from within. i'll quote what lincoln said and then give it in its larger context. at what point, then is the approach of danger to be expected? i answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. it cannot come from abroad. its destruction be -- if destruction be our lot, we must ourselveses be its author and finisher. as a nation of free men, we must live through all times, or die by suicide. the larger context of those words is as follows. in the great journal of things happening under the sun, we, the american people, find our account running, under d
of the contract with america and the flat tax. she remained -- he approaches any subjects as internet, a government in general with one statement -- freedom of works. please welcome, dick armey. [applause] >> let me introduce somebody that every time i hear the name, dick armey's ideological soul mate. arianna huffington -- [laughter] is a nationally syndicated columnist and author of 12 books. she is co-host of "left, right and center," in may, 2005, she launched a news again blog site that has quickly become not only one of the most widely read and the most influential in the media and in political circles. in 2006, time magazine put her on the list of the time 100, their list of the world's most influential leaders. in 2009, she was named one of the most influential women and media by forbes. cordially from greece, huffington moved to england and graduated from cambridge with a master's in economics. she is known for her bold and fearlessness and believes in saying what needs to be said in doing what needs to be done, to leave and succeed. she is a prolific author with titles inclu
bring about a new energy frontier for the united states of america and that we would be partners with the rest of our agencies in bringing about a solution for the realities of climate change in which we face. in the last nine months, our team has worked closely with members of the white house and with congress as we move forward with that agenda. you will hear much more about this. i see our department as being the energy suppliers for the united states of america. we produce about 30% of the natural gas in the united states. we produced about 40% of the coal that we use here in america. . . ls which this department has had responsibility for overseeing its production from the public lands we also have opened up a new chapter for america in the department of interior. and that's our efforts to send up renewable energy and really to engage in the energy revolution that we see spreading across the united states of america. and so the efforts you'll hear about today are about how we are capturing the wind from the high plains and from the deserts in arizona and we are capturing the
. a wrenching decision. >> as long as i am commander in chief, america is going to do right by them. >> reporter: a former defense secretary urged the president to hurry. >> what is important he make a decision and make it reasonably soon. you've got young men and women out there carrying the battle who are at great risk. if we've got the wrong strategy, change it. >> reporter: again today, the commander in chief met with advisers. he's getting more optis. besides afghan commanding general stan mccrystal's call for 40,000 more troops and vice president biden's plan to send as few as 10,000, there are middle ground plans for 30,000 more reportedly backed by defense secretary gates, secretary of state clinton and by chairman of the joint chiefs mullen. that's almost as many new forces as mccrystal's requesting, but president obama is looking past numbers to the troops' revamped mission. >> go back to focusing on al qaeda, back to pushing back taliban to the extent that we can stabilize karzai's government enough so we can actual begin withdrawal from the region. >> reporter: short term, more u.s.
one of the unique advantages that america has which is the fact that we are able to develop capital and credit in a way that allows people who want to go out and take risks and create jobs to get that capital and credit. that's something that no other nation has yet been able to replicate at the levels that we have been able to do it as a nation. and we have to be careful that responding to a dries sis which had a lot of underlying causes, that we don't fundamentally harm that unique advantage that america has. and so i guess that's how i come at this. so let's look at the causes that cause this crisis. we were all there on the front line when it collapsed on us. primarily it was real estate. it was a real estate bubble. now, i've been through three of these in my professional experien experience, once as a bank attorney for a small bank in new hampshire, once as governor of new hampshire when five of my seven largest banks failed and this time. in p every instance a real estate bubble is a function of the fact that there's a disconnect between underwriting and responsibility. loans
as a result of the contributions of the european union, america and some of the richest countries of the world. we will do everything in our power to secure a climate change agreement in copenhagen. >> thank you, mr. speaker. whatever are the individual speakers on afghanistan there's clarity on the mission. the prime minister has said we're in afghanistan to protect british people against terrorism. and yet almost in the same breath threatens to pull out of the country if president karzai can't clean up his corrupt government. these are contradictory messages they are sending out mixed signals. can the prime minister now square that circle?vu >> we are in the country because of the threat to britain. a threat that has been seen over eight years as a result of projected and actual terrorist defenses in our country. three-quarters of which come from afghanistan and pakistan and mainly the borders of pakistan. that is why we are there to protect the streets of britain. i was right to ask president karzai to give us assurances about how in his second term he would tackle corruption. he has now an
>>> good morning, america. on this tuesday, november 10th, breaking news. tropical storm ida blasts ashore. a 400-mile-wide rainmaking machine. and sam champion is there, live. >>> ft. hood. did the fbi drop the ball? we show you e-mails between the suspected shooter and a radical muslim leader. and the attorney has visited his client in the hospital. and talks to us this morning. >>> countdown. the president about to make his decision on troops in afghanistan. and we have an abc news exclusive interview. >>> what's in your food? this morning, our investigation looks at what could contaminate your salad. >>> and watch this. a woman falls on to a subway track. bystanders frantically try to stop the oncoming train. she survives. and we have the unbelievable story, all caught on tape. >>> and good morning, america. diane sawyer with robin roberts, this morning. and we have been talking since we woke about that video. the woman falling on to the train tracks. and the passengers waving, to get the attention of the driver. the driver saw them. and she was shocked, she said, to see a head
are. we're weakening america in the process and there's no reason to do that when we have military tribunals available to us. >> the evidence isn't admissible. we didn't mirandize him on the battle field. i don't think waterboarding would pass the fifth amendment scrutiny, nor do i think it should. i think you don't waterboard people at police stations. i think he either gets off or he gets a slap on the wrist. not a slap, but 10 years, 20 years, not life or death. sean: we don't even know if they're going to go for the death penalty. >> and obama on the one hand says he's against a congressional investigation of fort hood because he doesn't want to kindle political theater, but he's going to put sheikh mohammed on trial in new york city, the heart of theater. sean: what do you think they're thinking? because on the one hand they're using military tribunals. in this case, they're not. this is going to be a circus. >> they want to put the victim on trial. they're going to put the c.i.a. agents and f.b.i. people on trial, and he wants to use that to bolster his support on the left, e
. >> major spoke little english when he came to america as a teenager. he put himself through college, earned a ph.d. and helped them cope with the stress of deployment. >> he was red dou deploy. he was 52 years old. the president spoke privately with all the victim families. >> the storm called ida is losing strength now and residents escaped largely unscathed. drenching rain continues to fall over the southeastern part of the country tonight. two inches of water have put things already under water in atlanta, georgia. high water stalled out cars. some drivers had to be held. power crews are staying busy with trees uprooted. >> the rain almost reached the washington area and is bringing big temperature changes with it. bob, how is it going to affect us? >> gusty winds tomorrow and a fair amount of rain to the south. look how much rain has fallen. north carolina over six inches of if month there.'s the area of rain moving to the south. folks in southern maryland, especially. the leftover rains from ida will be heading there. we'll see temperatures continue to drop and gusty winds, too. i'll t
have debated this a long time. it's been debated in america for the last decade-and-a-half. but in terms of legislative deliberation, the health committee began in may. the finance committee on which jon and i sit had extensive hearings all through the spring. this has been debated for a long long time. now the time is to act. frankly, you know, there are a lot of people on the other side of the aisle who don't want health care. they haven't put together an alternative proposal that's out there on the web the way our proposal is. i think what orrin hatch said is right. it's a dilatory tactic. >> schieffer: but what about this idea that it takes $100 million in federal funds channeled to one state. should that be added to the cost of the health care bill? >> mary landrieu is a very good legislator. she does two things very well. one, she delivers the goods for louisiana. she has constantly. i think the people of louisiana respect her for it. but second she has real views on health care. those are taken into account as well. one of the issues that she's pushed very
has even asked it? back in a moment. right now, millions of workers across america are moving forward on the path that helps guide them through today's financial challenges, toward a rock solid retirement. it starts with a retirement plan designed to help grow and protect wealth up to-- and through-- retirement managed by one of america's most trusted names. let prudential be your rock for retirement. @ managed by one of america's most trusted names. we need a new grid. more than half the energy never reaches a single light bulb. is that true? it's true. we need a smarter grid... smarter thermostats... smarter utility meters... smarter houses... [doorbell rings] smarter cities... smarter infrastructure... smarter networks. connect them all together... and what do you got? smarter energy grid. smarter planet... wasting less energy. that's what i'm working on. i'm an ibmer. let's build... let's build a... smarter planet. >> schieffer: thank you and we'll see you right here next sunday on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.
that there are thousands of veterans on the streets in america. i was particularly moved by a comment by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mullen, when he met with a group of 20, 30 homeless veterans. they were betterment of iraq and afghanistan. this is not a phenomenon of people who have lost their way years ago. this is a growing problem. we have to commit ourselves to the all-out effort to help these young men and women. this is a phenomenon that stretches through every conflict we have had, and they are on the streets of america today. i am impressed by the commitment from the president, certainly from secretary shinseki, who understands this not only from a policy perspective, but from a personal perspective. we were glad to introduce the zero tolerance homelessness act. it contains housing provisions that would be important for the and the donte -- v.a. to be able to provide housing assistance, stabilization services, as well as additional housing doctors' group hud to get that trend into homes. we also understand that housing alone is not the solution. it has to be linked to
has chosen to ignore the will of the people and say america you are wrong. we know what is best for you. this is bill is not what the american people want and not what the doctor ordered. >> reporter: as much of the cost republicans have objected to a government health insurance plan for people that can't obtain insurance on the private market. that plan was the considerable negotiation. it could lead to government paying for abortions, a compromise worked out with several dozen right to life democrats would allow people who have health insurance through that government plan to obtain abortion but only if if it was paid for by private money. that compromise can get a couple dozen democrats to support measure and that may need the vote it needs. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> julie: we'll turn to talk more about this. chief correspondent of the washington examiner, by ron york. do you think the decision will come down today, we're saying 8:00 to 8:30, will they get enough votes to pass the thing? >> the leadership intends that and i don't think they would have president obama com
on. the diplomacy and highlighting the best of india and america is what you see in her fashion. and you see this in the menu choice as well. this is a very modern, elegant gown. >> and the white house kept under wraps, until the very minute when she came out to greet the prime minister. >> the white house was very good about keeping everything secret. we heard more about afghanistan that about this. they were very disciplined about keeping best. but that is always the case with what the first lady is going to wear. the east wing is letting us know. >> let's get a look at what the first lady is wearing. they greeted the prime minister and his wife early on this evening. on the front entrance of the white house. [no audio] [no audio] [inaudible] >> present arms! ♪ >> president obama and first lady michelle obama and greeted india's prime minister singh and his wife earlier this evening. festivities are underway. talking what -- talking to us this evening about this. beyond the dress and the coronation, the logistics of the flowers, what type and color of flowers, the linens, th
. our family loves america." at the nearby mosque, hasans are known as successful members of the community, lawyers, bankers, involved in real estate. dr. alshbárz led prayers can express their dismay. >>xd it's tragic to see somebod born and raised in america and somebody who successfully átáár'gs of being in america and became a physician and served his country. yet, you know, he commits such a horrific crime. >> reporter: he spoke of the tragedy at ft. hood in his sermon. he says here in northern virginia, it hits doubly hard. >> we have watched the news with tearful eyes and with concern over the lives of many of our fellow citizens and those affected by the crime. also to recognize it's something that was perpetrated by somebody who potentially had been in our midst and lived in our community is doubly tragic. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 6:00, more on this family that has been the picture of american prosperity. julie carey, back to you.ñr >> thank you. virginia tech issued this statement today, saying, quote, virginia tech has confirmed with the united st
>>> good morning, america, on this monday, november 9th. hurricane ida driving toward the gulf coast and florida. emergency is declared. sam champion reporting live as the coast braces for ida's arrival. >>> al qaeda at ft. hood? did the suspected ft. hood gunman try to reach al qaeda and were american officials warned? brian ross investigates. >>> a mother's search for her young daughter's killer. we have an exclusive interview with somer's mom. >>> and what's in your food? our startling investigation. where does the beef and burger come from? what can it mean for health? >>> and sports, this soccer player's unnecessary roughness caught on tape. what should be her penalty? >>> and good morning to all of you. welcome to another week. diane sawyer with robin roberts. wouldn't you know three weeks left in the official hurricane season and the gulf coast looking at the first atlantic hurricane likely to crash onshore. >> talking about hurricane ida down to a category 1 now. 80-mile-per-hour winds, could make landfall as early as tomorrow morning. the national guard has put out a h
health care in america? >> about the coverage of it? well, the coverage of it really, contradictory answers. there has been a lot of superficial coverage, the kind of he said, she said coverage, of who the nationalities -- of to the personalities are, an issue that is substantive and like health care. paradoxically, some of the best coverage i have seen has come in these newspapers, that we say are dinosaurs. "the washington post," "the new york times," have often comes done a brilliant job of putting into context the different aspects of health care, whether it is the role of the insurance company, the doctors, etc., how they match, that type of thing, has been done in ways that i think are odd-inspiring by some of the writers and "the washington post" and "the new york times." >> the reason why we conduct that type of coverages because newspapers can see this issue coming along, and they assign teams of reporters who immersed themselves in an issue, as opposed to getting the he said, see said-she said, that the things. that only a large well-funded news organization can do. >> i w
. >> it is so important for us to do this because there are so many of america's sons and daughters finding the good fight. >> he gave the school a flag that flew over the war zones he visited. he is now back to work on the bench at d.c. superior court. >>> coming up -- at work or home, everyone's trying to avoid the swine flu. we will show you the worst places for germs and on which surfaces they last longest. >>> a beautiful november night. how long will this mild weather continue? >>> later, >>> news for your health about avoiding the swine flu. it is now an issue in schools, homes and offices across our region. knowledge is power when it comes to avoiding the germs. >> it's become a habit now. every 20 minut or so, i'm spraying something. >> ezra said he can't stop using hand sanitizing. that's because his job is throwing big events at night clubs and in that line of work, being extra friendly with 200-plus guests comes with the territory. >> you have to kind of socialize a bit, so it's one of those things that you do it but you also -- you cringe at the fact, especially someone like me
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's a big girl car. i want the big girl car. a very smart little girl. the chevy traverse. america's best crossover. compare us to anyone and may the best car win. but in business, only two matter: red and black. red, well, no one wants that. black on the other hand, has strength. black is always in style. it's what business looks best in. black is where growth and success happen, and it's easier to get there and stay there in ontario, canada, especially with our competitive tax rate. ♪ ontario, canada - the world works here. >>> oh, yeah, we're back. we're live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. s&p is down 6.70. looking at a loss of maybe 50, 60 points on the dow at the open. not at all what gordon charlop told us to expect. you're on the floor. the man, the myth, the legend, dr. know, gordon charlop, managing director of rosenblatt securities as well as a cnbc market analyst. it takes forever just to introduce you. >> thank you. i would appreciate that. a little enthusiasm here. >> so many credits to your name. >> kind of like, i consider being here one of your credits. let
the nasdaq lower, that was bank of america, merrill lynch downgrading a number of chip stocks. the bleeding continues in the semiconductor index there. look at some of the internal names within the index. we're looking at intel. again, big loser yesterday. was down 3.5% to 4% yesterday. getting back another two-thirds of 1% today. however, let's end on a high note here. let's talk about zoomies. lots of talk about retail sales. teens, maybe a little younger than that, how these companies are doing as we approach the holidays. zumiez gave a good outlook from a margin standpoint. that stock off to the races today. up better than 10%. let's go to sharon at the nymex. >> we can blame the dollar for the losses we saw today in the oil complex. we are looking at december futures that are under $77 a barrel. they have expired now. january is the front month. it is below $78 a barrel. but the one part of the complex that got a bit of a bid today is the gasoline market. and that was because of the valero closing one of the large plants on the east coast in delaware city. a 210-know-barrel-per-day cit
: rihanna told her horrific story to diane sawyer earlier tonight on abc's "2020." "good morning america" showed portion of the interview early this morning. >> listening to her voice, it was shaking at times. you knew how painful it was for her to recount this. >> reporter: the a-list couple were attending pre-grammy parties. but things took a violent turn. the two were driving in brown's rented lamborghini when rihanna says she saw a text message that a woman had sent chris brown. >> i couldn't take that he kept lying to me, he couldn't take that i wouldn't drop it. it escalated in him being violent towards me. and it was ugly. >> reporter: ugly is an understatement. police documents say that during the argument, brown punched rihanna, shoved her head against window, bit her, placed her in a headlock and told her, quote, now i'm really going to kill you. >> he had no, no soul in his eyes. just blank. he was clearly blacked out. there was no person when i looked at him. my next option was to get out of the car and walk, start walking in a gown and a bloody face. >> reporter: rihanna was
with the salahis. they talk about the america's cup polo event and the charity it's supposed to fund. last may virginia officials issued this warning about journey for the cure, cautioning it was not properly registered and contributions may be used for noncharitable purposes. this long-time friend of michaele's who cut off ties said she has been called by investigators. >> i did become aware of the investigation. the investigator said this is very serious because we've been following them for many years now. >> reporter: the journey for the cure website indicates the salahis have registered. gregory was a former limo drive and claims he is still owed more than $2,500 for work he did at the polo event. >> i was happy there is a little bit of exposure now that they are starting to take a look at them. >> reporter: this man defends his friends. >> they have a big personality. any time you're on top, there are always people that want to push you down. it's just part of the way things are when you're bigger than life. they live bigger than life. they have a great time. >>> coming up on news4 at 6:
behind 9/11. >> if somebody murders americans and they murder americans in america, they ought to be prosecuted in america and hopefully convicted in america. >> we shouldn't close guantanamo for the purposes of these types of terrorists. basically, we're dealing here with people who have committed acts of war against us. they shouldn't be tried in our criminal justice system, they should be tried in our military justice system. it's absolutely inexcusable to try these people. that's why we have such a system. >> critics are also concerned about security. rudy giuliani who was new york's mayor on 9/11 said holding the troil there would cost too much and put unnecessary stress on police. >> anyone that tells you that this doesn't create additional security problems, of course, isn't telling you the truth. the best indication of it is look at the additional security employed when this happens. that also happens to cost millions and millions of dollars. all of which will be worth it if there were no other choice. >> critics say a public trial would force prosecutors to reveal sens
their destination by 100 miles and what they had (announcer) in america we don't just dream when we sleep. we dream twenty-four seven. we dream with our slves rolled u r dreams are expressed in digits. they're made of steel. add those dreams up, that's free enterprise... growing our economy for the long-run. it's what we need to grow 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. your dreams make the difference. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big. >>> newly released tapes from the faa control tower shed new light on the northwest airline that overshot their destination. they were asked repeatedly for explanations to make sure the plane hadn't been hijacks. we have the report. >> reporter: it went on for an hour and 17 minutes. controllers in several states urgently trying to raise northwest 188 from san diego to minneapolis and asking each other how to handle it. >> what's their procedure, do they hold orders for it. >> i don't know. >> you can't reach them at all. after flying 150 miles past, flight 158 flies up. >> our overhead would like to make a 180. controllers become concerned the p
goal. game tied at 1. green feeling like the sickest man in america for that one. still tied at one. devils on the power play. here they come. fires it and scores the second goal of the night. capitals, 3-2. >>> a season gone awry. the players were asked forheir thoughts. clinton portis since he was traded in 2004, talked about his relationship with the owner. >> i don't think -- i think we speak, we talk, we laugh, we joke and so on. i stayed the night over at his house. did anything special. it's a cool relationship. i think people, not knowing, people always assume how could i miss. it's not clinton trying to get out of anything. [ bleep ] run into mrs. snyder, i think i'd go out and bust my butt on the field and she aappreciate that. >> give me $50 million, >>> their owner was taking a shower when one of the dogs started pulling on the leg. gordon got out to see what was wrong and came face to face with >>> tonight show is next. >> good night.
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with barbara walters that was revealed this morning. on "good morning america." and palin's new book called "going rogue" is now going off on almost everyone that's crossed her lately. >> he doesn't have anything on me. >> reporter: "showbiz tonight" can tell you, palin-a-palooza is in full swing. in today's interview with walters, palin takes on two people who have made second careers out of making fun of her, tina fey and david letterman. >> first off i want to say how excited i am to be in front of both the liberal elite media as well as the liberal regular media. >> reporter: tina fey savaged sarah palin last year with a wicked impersonation of her on "saturday night live." in the new interview today, palin told barbara walters, she has a bit of a bone to pick with tina. >> i can see russia from my house. >> of course, i've never said that. and yet the line was blurred and i think people, because it was repeated so often, perhaps, believed that i had said such a thing. >> reporter: but palin did manage to say something nice about tina fey. >> i think she was funny, though, and i think s
anytime for only 99 cents. it's just another way america runs on dunkin'. the whole gang will love -- six fresh, delicious donuts for just $3. affordable treats to share with friends, family, and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. let's get a check and the friday morning commute with sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> a few incidents out there with heavy delays on the west side. in howard county of route 108, we have an accident. that is the latest one coming in. 12 miles per hour on the west side outer loop. heavier than normal. a lot of that left over from the one disabled vehicle that we had cleared earlier. that is kind of the effect that it has. in essex, the water main break repairs continue. watch for closures there. slow go on the north side. let's give you a live view of traffic. if you're heading out on harford road, that is one of these bonds. outer loop going away from us, approaching harford. i-70, lots of volume towards edmon
, e-mail, and social networking sites. jon: well, it is election day on america's election headquarters, and key races are in the hands of voters now. in an early test for obama as a political influence, new jersey and virginia are continuing to choose whether to continue democratic rule. meanwhile, a congressional seat could be picked up by republican in new york state. with us now is bob beckel, and kate is former chairman of the republican party of virginia and with the young americans foundation. bob, i guess you will disagree with my assessment that this is a test of president obama's political clout. you say it is not. why? >> let me take you back four years ago. i will bet you every republican consultant or analyst speech tonight will say that if the republicans do well, this is a reflection of barack obama street exactly four years ago that virginia's results and new jersey's results were democrats won had no effect from the george bush presidency. much ado about nothing. by the way, in virginia, they always seem to elect the governor of the party that does not have
"football night in america!" that's right. it's the eagles flying into the bears. a bear versus an eagle! usually a bear would win, but sometimes the eagles got sharp claws. could be messy. either way, it's a big one. soldier field, cloudy, cool, temperatures in the upper 40s on sunday night "football night in america"! meredith. >>> up next -- thank you, al -- the electric car of the future today. we'll take you for a ride right after this. >>> we are back now, almost 7:44. the race is on to build the first mass-market electric car, and this morning we've got a glimpse of what gm hopes will become your car of the future. here's cnbc's phil lebeau. >> reporter: it looks like just another car, but slide behind the wheel of chevy bolt with chief engineer andrew herrera, and you'll see why this extended range electric car is unlike anything else on the road. >> not only has it got the efficiency and things that they want, but it's also fun to drive. >> reporter: with zero emissions when running on electric power, the volt is a green drive, so it's only natural the instrument panel lets you
lives unless it is necessary to america's vital interests. >> mr. obama's trip will take him from japan to singapore, china and south korea over eight days. >>> the man accused of kidnapping an 11-year-old girl and holding her captive for 18 years has apologized. phillip garrido wrote to a california tv station saying he wanted to apologize to every human being for what has taken place. garrido and his wife are accused of holding jaycee dugard in a compound behind their california home. they pleaded not guilty. >>> and new this morning, the top lawyer at the white house has resigned in the first shake-up on the president's senior staff. democratic sources tell cnn that greg craig has or was pushed out because of a dispute over closing the prison at guantanamo bay, cuba. craig was the driving force behind the president's controversial promise to close gitmo by january of next year. the white house now says it cannot make the deadline because it does not know where to put 200 terrorism suspects held there. >>> now to an ohio mom that's accused of taking her kids shoplifting. police say su
every day ♪ bill: from south america, the president of venezuela ordering his military to get ready for a possible conflict with colombia. he warns the u.s. is trying to provoke a war between the neighbors. ñjrif a conflict breaks out betn the countries, it could spread to all of south america. we're watching that. ♪ >> ♪ beauty school dropout no graduation day forñr you amongst internes and shampoo you could have taken time to wash and clean your close-up ♪ juliet: you know that song. bill: you have got to dream, but not the drive. juliet: word up. you have watched that over and over on vhs. bill: that was the movie that my neighbor had, we watched the day after day. juliet: my favorite movie of all time, a wonderful scene, frankie avalon singing to frenchy. we are going to tie this together, by the way. a popular choice for career colleges, beauty schools and technical institutes, these alternative careers are booming. enrollment at career colleges up 10% since 2003. profit margins are up. on the job hunt today, peter is live in new york city at the lincoln technical insti
gets aggressive. >> (announcer) in america we don't just dream when we sleep. we dream twenty-four seven. we dream with our sleeves rolled up. our dreams are expressed in digits. they're made of steel. add those dreams up, that's free enterprise... growing our economy for the long-run. it's what we need to grow 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. your dreams make the difference. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big. here's to discovering that the little things in life are often big things and the time well spent doesn't always mean money must be spent people everywhere are building their lives on more solid ground through sound choices and a smart approach to their finances and they're turning to suntrust for easy ways to save money and take more controover it live solid, bank solid. suntrust. >>> he is very, very close and i don't want to say they don't need him, but when he comes back, it's going to be serious fire power. the highest scoring team in the nhl. he's out with a s sore shoulder. the timing couldn't be better. mike is out for a couple weeks with
are told, probably will fall short of the 40,000 requested by america's top general there. sources in the administration tell the associated press the deployment could begin in january. the goal would be to defend ten important cities and townes there. white house spokesman robert gibbs said mr. obama will meet with top advisers again on wednesday. >>> wto radio caught this xluzive video of mayor fenty biking, along with causing a backup through the red lights and he biked on routes norm closed to cyclists. when asked about the escorts today, the mayor stopped short of saying he had done anything wrong. >> you don't have any explanation as to why you had been breaking the law? >> if i did, i shouldn't have. >> will you discontinue that practice sn practice? >> do i strike that balance each and every time i ride my bike? no. should i do a better job? yes. >> the mayor said he rides as much as possible and wishes coget out there more often. >>> very close call caught at a train station in boston. a woman fell on the tracks just as a train was approaching. several people yelled and wa
-all seen today on "good morning america". >> tonight, why rihanna got back together with chris and then finally walked away. but was it wrong for her to speak out just as she's promoting a new album. >>> the stripper speaks. tonight, caught on camera, the stripper at the center of the josh duhamel/fergie controversy tells all. >> i really, really, really want everybody to know that this is the truth. >> tonight, the stripper's brand-new, explosive caught-on-camera claims that josh cheated on fergie with her and josh and fergie's powerful response. >>> the shocking carrie prejean sex tape. the fired former beauty queen who spoke out against gay marriage confronted with a sex tape during an explosive court showdown. >>> tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. >>> hello, i'm a.j. hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> hi, there, everyone, i'm brooke anderson, coming to you from hollywood. and tonight, rihanna's tearful tell-all. >> i want you to forget everything that you have been thinking about how rihanna has handled herself
that, america will have a rocket and spacecraft that will not only carom into lower orbit, but it will also carom anywhere in the solar system they want to go. if they go commercial, they're still stuck in low earth orbit with a little spacecraft that maybe can carry two astronauts, if that. that's the mission we're waiting on. that's how important this flight is is to supply the international space station, alex, for the hiatus where we won't have our own rockets to go up there. it's a very important thing right now. >> we're going to wait and see what happens at 9:44 with your help. let's hope everything goes according to plan. we'll see you in a bit, jay barbree. thank you. keep it right here on msnbc. we are going to bring you the shuttle "atlantis" landing live at 9:44 a.m. eastern. those things are always exciting. >>> the governor of colorado got unexpected help in decorating for the holidays. colorado's first family awoke on thanksgiving morning to find their mansion teepeed. before heading out on a bike ride, governor bill ritter joked he was pretty sure who was t
the u.s. army or some certain units, at least, in north america. they're setting their sights on higher margins and fairing relatively well. although what we are hearing from them are a number of companies that support these days is that they're very cautious due to the lack of transparency in their key markets. i just lost my hearing ball, it got pulled out from the floor by some snake down there. so i'll send it back to you. >> louisa, that does happen. the cords are lock and sometimes the wheel on your chair will do that. the dollar is the key driver of the overall markets right now. we're joined by a special guests, he's famous, the world affectionately calls him mr. yen. he's isuki sakabara. he served as japan's vice finance minister for international affairs and we welcome you. and it is a long way off where we're talking to you, so there's a delay. but sir, i guess let's start with what we've seen with the dollar versus many currencies, but what has been the most significant move and do you expect these moves to continue? >> well, as we get to the dollar/yen, it is below the leve
alone we invested more than any other public company in america. and at at&t we support a national plan that makes high speed internet available to every american family in the next five years - because we know that now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. the future is at stake, and at at&t, the future has always been and at at&t, the future has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. >>> tough economic times making it hard for some families to get thanksgiving dintory the table this year. -- dinner to the table this year. 11.9% unemployment. but hundreds will have a happy thanksgiving thanks to one local group. wisdom martin here now with that story. >> reporter: in ome cases it's so bad that these families are struggling to get through just in hopes of having a good thanksgiving meal and they wouldn't have it if it wren't for the efforts of a local group group. on the eve of thanksgiving, there is a lot of heavy lifting andprepping for a giant feast but this is not your typical gathering n. is feast organized by the knights of co
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